MAC M4P Converter work with iTunes

To work with iTunes 8 or later, please click here.

MAC M4P Converter works with iTunes, to convert any music or audio files to MP3 from iTunes. The following steps show how MAC M4P Converter works with iTunes.

What you need to do in iTunes

1. First of all, you need to Run M4PConverter application

    Click menu M4PConverter -> Preferences... while running MacM4PConverter application to set output folder and some parameters related to output AAC3 or AAC. You may keep the default values, it's OK.

2. Run iTunes, and set Preferences of iTunes

    choose iTunes> Preferences menu.

    click Advanced> Burning, Select M4PToMP3 Virtual CD-RW as the burner and Audio CD as the Disc Format. Then click OK.

3. Start to convert music files from iTunes

    click File> New Playlist to create a new list.You can also rename it like "burn list".

    Right-click on the music in your library, then click Add to Playlist and choose the file you want to burn. Press Shift or Ctrl to add more than one music files to the playlist at one time.

    Select the playlist containing the songs you want to burn, make sure all the songs you want to burn in the virtual CD have a checkmark beside them. Right-click on the selected playlist and choose Burn Playlist to Disc in the pop-up menu, or just click Burn Disc in the lower right corner.

4. Get output MP3 or AAC files in MacM4PConverter

    When burning is finished in iTunes, you'll find all converted music files are listed in the panel of M4PConverter. Maybe MAC M4P Converter is still encoding MP3/AAC, you could see the procedure.

    Click Reveal button to view the output files. To open the folder with the outputing MP3 / AAC files in Finder, you may select the music file in panel, then click "Reveal" button.

    Click Play to play it in MacM4PConverter.