A Wise Choice for DRM Removal

There are huge amount of DRM removal software on the market, and we ought to consider the overall quality of the product to choose the best one. Well, here we would like to recommend you Mac M4P Converter, which can convert iTunes music to MP3, AAC easily and quickly and is regarded as a fantastic DRM remover considering the following five elements:

remove DRM with Mac M4P Converter

Speed - DRM removal should proceed at a reasonable speed and we should not waste too much time removing DRM from iTunes songs.

Mac M4P Converter uses virtual CD burning technology, which combines burning, ripping and encoding all in one, so it can remove iTunes DRM at fantastic speed. Just a cup of coffee and the conversion is completed.

Stability – A DRM remover software should work without errors and ought to complete each task without glitches. The program should also work well with any other programs, such as iTunes.

First of all, Mac M4P Converter has passed complex tests, and now it has been accepted and adored by customers all over the world, so we can fully trust it.

Second, Mac M4P Converter works with iTunes, because we should first create a new list in iTunes and then burn the list to a virtual CD-RW to accomplish the conversion.

Features – A DRM remover should offer many practical features and powerful functions, such as batch conversion (M4A to MP3 conversion, M4B to MP3 conversion, M4P to MP3 conversion, WAV to MP3 conversion), easy location of output files, flexible ID tags editing, and the audition of output audio files within the program.

Considering the above features and functions, Mac M4P Converter should be our first choice for it is fully equipped:

  • We can add more than one iTunes music file to the new Playlist to batch convert them all at a time.
  • Reveal function enables us to locate the output files easily and quickly, which will save us a lot of trouble in finding the output files.
  • Edit Tag function makes it possible for us to label the output music files in the way we prefer.
  • We can use Play function to test the quality of the output files after the conversion is finished.

Support – Brief guide and accessible support is essential, for those two points ensure users to master the program and solve problems as soon as possible.

Mac M4P Converter meets the above two requirements. When we launch the program for the first time, there is a Guide popup which tells us the brief operating steps. Besides, there is a Support function on the top right corner of the software, which makes it much easier for us to deliver the problems we encounter when using the software.

Easy to Use - It is true that the fewer the number of mouse clicks, the easier the DRM removal media converter is to use.

Mac M4P Converter is quite easy to use due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Even if you are a novice, you can certainly handle it at the very first sight, for all operations can be done with mouse clicks.

Download Mac M4P Converter right now to remove DRM easily and enjoy your music and audio books!