DRM Converter

           -- Convert and Liberate iTunes DRM Music

DRM - Digital Rights Management (or Digital Restrictions Managements) is a common word that describes access control technologies used by publishers and/or other copyright owners to limit usage of digital audio and video.

As one of the major online music stores, iTunes Store uses DRM to restrict usage of purchased or downloaded music. The use of DRM makes us realize the importance of copyright; however, it also brings about a lot of inconvenience to us. And gradually, we work out many ways to remove iTunes DRM legally and skillfully.

Various DRM Converters for you to choose

If you want to remove DRM from iTunes audio books, we have developed a specialized DRM Converter for you – Macsome Audio Book Converter, which is used to convert and split audio books.

If you want to remove DRM from iTunes music, we suggest you to try Mac M4P Converter or Macsome iTunes Music Converter, which are equipped with powerful and practical DRM removal functions.

If you want to remove DRM from iTunes videos, we recommend you Kigo Video Converter which can do you a big favor to convert and edit videos.

Mac M4P Converter – remove DRM from iTunes music, audiobooks

Once upon a time, music purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected which restricts us in many ways. Nowadays, few songs are DRM protected, but to convert our stock iTunes music is still troublesome and expensive. So we should turn to a DRM Converter for help, and Mac M4P Converter is just what you are looking for!

  • Virtual CD burning technology

Mac M4P Converter puts virtual CD burning technology into use. It acts like a virtual CD-RW drive, which first burns the iTunes music onto this drive and then encodes the songs on it to unprotected MP3, AAC format. We just click "Burn" button and the converter will automatically perform burning, ripping and encoding.

  • Fast conversion speed and great output quality

With the help of Mac M4P Converter, we can convert M4P to MP3, and convert M4P to AAC with fantastic speed and CD quality. Just a cup of coffee, we can enjoy our music at ease.

  • Other handy functions

Batch conversion - Mac M4P Converter works with iTunes, and we should first create a new Playlist in iTunes and then burn this list to virtual CD-RW drive. In this Playlist, we can add as many iTunes audio files as we want, and the converter can convert them all at a time.

Tags edition – After the conversion is done, we can easily and flexibly edit ID tags as we wish.

Output files location - Mac M4P Converter is very considerable for it builds in Reveal function, which makes it much easier for us to locate the output unprotected audio files.

To sum up, Mac M4P Converter is really a splendid DRM Converter, which can not only remove DRM legally and tactfully, but also convert iTunes music to unprotected and popular MP3, AAC format. Have a free try right now!