Howto play iTunes Music on Creative ZEN

Convert iTunes music with MAC M4P Converter, to play on Creative ZEN

Creative ZEN is compatible with MP3 and WMA, a few models of Creative ZEN can play WAV and Audible files. For iTunes music owners, MAC M4P Converter provides an outstanding solution for converting iTunes music to unprotected MP3 for their Creative ZEN.

play iTunes Music on Creative ZEN

About Creative ZEN

The Creative ZEN derived from Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen. Creative ZEN has a range of digital audio players and portable media players.

To date, major products of Creative ZEN series include ZEN Vision W, ZEN Vision, ZEN, ZEN Vision: M, ZEN Wav, ZEN V Plus, ZEN Stone, ZEN Stone Plus, ZEN Neeon 2, ZEN Neeon 6GB, ZEN MicroPhoto and ZEN Micro.

Creative ZEN players are bundled with device drivers and Creative MediaSource, which is needed to transfer and sync music from computer to Creative ZEN. Creative ZEN players are natively compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

All Creative ZEN players are compatible with MP3 and WMA, although a variety of Creative ZEN models can play WAV and Audible files. Creative ZEN players can play WMA music with PlaysForSure certification and the Janus DRM music.

iTunes music and Creative ZEN

iTunes Music Store sells music in the formats of AAC, M4A, M4B, M4P and Audible. Purchased songs from iTunes Music Store come with song information (name, artist, and album) and album artwork. These music files are managed and played on iTunes.

iTunes users can add MP3 and other unprotected music to their iTunes libraries. And iTunes will convert the non-iTunes music to AAC format before adding it to iTunes playlist. Even though the music was purchased from iTunes Music Store, you must get authorized to play the music on other computer or portable devices.

Creative ZEN is not compatible with the DRM protected iTunes AAC and M4P. Creative ZEN is not compatible with the open iTunes AAC and M4A, neither.

Play iTunes music on Creative ZEN

DRM encrypted iTunes AAC, M4B and M4P songs, or unprotected iTunes AAC and M4A, the songs in Tunes library shall be converted to Mp3 or WMA before being transferred to Creative ZEN.

To convert from one audio format to another audio format, an audio converter is needed. Utilizing virtual burning technology, MAC M4P Converter provide an outstanding efficient solution for converting iTunes music to MP3.

MAC M4P Converter is able to convert any DRM protected music files (such as AAC, M4P, M4B) to unprotected MP3 formats, which are supported by Creative ZEN.

To convert iTunes music for Creative ZEN, you shall download MAC M4P Converter from our website. You shall run MAC M4P Converter and iTunes simultaneously and set "M4PtoMP3 Virtual CD-RW" as the default burning drive for iTunes. You may also create an iTunes playlist to hold the songs you want to convert for Creative ZEN.

Once the conversion is completed, you can find the MP3 songs in the output folder, with all ID3 tags and album information intact. Then you can open Creative MediaSource and sync the converted to your Creative ZEN player.