The Best Choice to Convert M4P to MP3

Apple has maintained tight control of its FairPlay encryption, and other online music stores cannot sell music files encoded with FairPlay. This means that consumers who want to listen to songs downloaded or bought from iTunes Store must either have an iPod or convert the files to an open format.

Why not try Mac M4P Converter, which is a powerful and practical M4P to MP3 Converter? Want to know more, read on please.

Incredible M4P to MP3 Converter - Mac M4P Converter

Bypass DRM legally

Mac M4P Converter does not crack DRM control, for it simply removes iTunes DRM with a virtual CD-RW drive. It works with iTunes, and first burns M4P files to a virtual CD burner, and then encodes the files on this virtual CD burner to MP3 automatically.

remove DRM legally

Mac M4P Converter is faster than any real CD or DVD burners, because it only uses your hard disk space to write music data instead of real CD. And reading/writing CD is much more slowly than hard disk.

All-in-one conversion

The use of virtual CD burning technology makes M4P to MP3 conversion all in one, for it simulates the burning and ripping process. When you burn iTunes list to disc, this amazing M4P Converter will read and write the files on the virtual CD-RW drive one by one and export well-converted MP3 directly.

the conversion process of M4P to MP3 converter

Support batch conversion

The M4P to MP3 conversion is based on playlist, so you can add lots of music files to a playlist and then burn them all to popular MP3 at a time with only one mouse click.

Support ID tags editing

MAC M4P Converter can get all ID tags of converting music from iTunes automatically. Then it saves these ID tags to output MP3 or AAC music files. So what can be saved to output music files is decided by the standard of output format. What's more, this splendid MP3 Converter supports editing tags, so you can edit the title, artist, album, album artist, grouping, composer, genre, comments etc. as you like.

edit ID tags

No additional hardware needed

With MAC M4P Converter, you do not need any hardware, for it will do the converting job with a virtual CD Burner. There are no lots of blank CDs needed to burn and rip music.

All in all, with its powerful functions, Mac M4P Converter should be your first choice to convert M4P to MP3 on Mac. Download the software right now to have a free try!