Simple M4P Conversion VS Powerful M4P Converter

M4P file, as a protected .AAC audio file downloaded from the iTunes Music Store, incorporates Apple Computer's "Fairplay" DRM copy protection, which limits the number of computers the file can be played on.

In order to play a protected M4P file, we must authorize our computers using Apple iTunes by entering a username and password for the account that downloaded the file and up to five computers can be authorized with the same account.

Though nowadays few songs are DRM protected, converting stock DRM protected songs to unprotected ones is still expensive and troublesome. So why not let Mac M4P Converter – a decent audio converting tool with acceptable price – do you a favor?

Legal DRM Removal

Mac M4P Converter uses unique iTunes DRM removal solution, which is completely legal and safe. It acts like a virtual CD burner, which uses virtual CD burning technology to burn iTunes M4P music to virtual CD-RW drive and then encode songs to designated format. So you can see, we do not break DRM protection, instead, we just bypass DRM tactfully.

simple workflow

Easily convert M4P to MP3, convert M4P to AAC

MP3 and AAC are quite popular audio formats which are nearly supported by all audio players, such as PSP, Walkman, Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, Blackberry, Mobile Phone, Archos and so on. And Mac M4P Converter can easily satisfy your desire of batch converting M4P to MP3, AAC with only a few mouse clicks, for it works with iTunes and combines burning, ripping and encoding all in one.

choose MP3, AAC or WAVE as output format


Mac M4P Converter can convert DRM-protected M4P files as well as DRM-free M4P files as long as they can be played in iTunes.

In addition to those two output formats, Mac M4P Converter can also convert M4P to WAVE.

Fantastic speed, marvelous quality

It is virtual CD-RW drive instead of real CDs that the conversion puts into use, so the output quality is satisfying. Virtual CD burning technology combines burning, ripping and encoding, so the conversion speed is amazing.

Mac M4P Converter acts like a virtual CD burner

Easy to use

The design of the interface of Mac M4P Converter keeps to our pursuit: intuitive and user-friendly. All operations can be done with only mouse clicks, and even if you have little knowledge of software, you can certainly handle it at first sight.

work with iTunes, combine burning, ripping and encoding all in one

You see, Mac M4P Converter is fabulously powerful, and accordingly, M4P conversion with it is indeed simple. After the conversion is done, you can share your unprotected music with your friends and enjoy them more freely. OK, now it is time to liberate your music and have fun!