Quick Start

Before MAC M4P Converter could work for you, you should know something below:

> MAC M4P Converter is audio and music files converter with virtual CD-RW tech.

> MAC M4P Converter convert music files directly from your iTunes, when you burn your playlist to M4P Converter Virtual CD-RW.

> To use MAC M4P Converter, you should do as the following steps:

    1. You must select the M4P Converter's virtual CD named "M4PtoMP3 Virtual CD-RW" as the default CD burner of your media player software.

    2. You burn the playlist inside your media player software, then MAC M4P Converter will convert all music files in the playlist to MP3 automatically. The parameters of output MP3 file is just as you have set in the "Settings" of MAC M4P Converter.

    3. To keep the title, artist information of your original music files, you should turn on the "CD Text" feature of iTunes.

    4. MacM4PConverter could keep all ID tags: Title, Arist, Album Artist, Album, Grouping, Composer, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, BPM, Genre, Comments. To keep these tags in your output MP3, you should turn on the "CD Text" feature of iTunes, and the playlist name, title and artist of your music to convert must be all ASCII characters.


If you haven't set the default CD burner of your iTunes to "M4PtoMP3 Virtual CD-RW", MAC M4P Converter could do nothing for your converting.

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