Stop prompting "Blank CD inserted" while startup Mac M4P Converter

Problem: Prompt "Blank CD inserted" while startup Mac M4P Converter

After you have install MacM4PConverter, a virtual CD Burner has installed. So when you startup your Mac M4P Converter, a dialog-box as blow will popup. Because Mac OS X thinks that there is a blank CD in the virtual CD Burner.

Somebody may think the prompt window is anony, so they want to stop prompting while startup.

To stop prompting "Blank CD inserted" while startup OS X

To stop it, you need do as following steps:

1. Click the Apple icon on the left-top corner of your screen, a menu as below will popup. Select the menu item "System Preferences...".

2. After selected the menu item "System Preferences...", the "System Preferences" window will appear. Then click the "CDs & DVDs" icon.

3. After clicked the "CDs & DVDs" icon, the "CDs & DVDs" preference windows will appear. Please change the "When you insert a blank CD" selection as the value "Ignore".

Done the steps above, then the prompt window of "Blank CD inserted" won't appear when you startup Mac OS X.