First installation of MAC M4P Converter

Install Trial Version

1. Download latest version by click the button below:

2. Run the file name "M4PConverter.dmg" you downloaded to install MAC M4P Converter.

3. After you install M4PConverter in your computer, open Applications folder in Finder, run M4PConverter.

Now you have finished installing the trial version of MAC M4P Converter.

Note: The trial version of MAC M4P Converter only converts 3 minutes of each music file at most. After you purchase MAC M4P Converter, you will be provided your registration name and code which will unlock the limitation.

Register your MAC M4P Converter

Run M4PConverter, open the Management Window of it, click the menu M4PConverter > Registration.... There will be a registration popup dialog as below:

After you have bought MAC M4PConverter online, our sales system will automatically send you a registration information Email to you. If you haven't received the email from us after 24 hours, please email to us and check if your email is available.

In the registration information Email, there will be registration name, and registration key. Please input registration name into the UseID item, and registration key into Register Key item on the dialgbox above, then click Register button. The registration name/key is case sensitive, please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word. You can also copy&paste the name and key into the registration popup dialog.