A Funny Discussion of iTunes to MP3 Conversion

Why do we have to convert iTunes to MP3?

iTunes is a proprietary digital media player application, used for playing and organizing digital music and video files. The application is also an interface to manage the contents on Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad.

iTunes is quite popular and we love iTunes, for it supports a variety of audio and video formats including DRM-protected and DRM-free. However, just as a saying goes, one coin has two sides, iTunes imposes inconvenience on us.

As to DRM protected music, such as M4P:

Once upon a time: We have to authorize limited number of computers and play them on designated devices.

Nowadays: Though rare music is DRM protected, converting stock M4P files to unprotected MP3, AAC is still costly and tiring.

So we need to figure out a simple solution to get through this dilemma, which is to convert DRM protected iTunes audio files to MP3 – a format which is unprotected and almost supported by all audio devices.

How can we convert iTunes to MP3 easily and quickly?

Well, here we would like to recommend you a decent iTunes converter with acceptable price – Mac M4P Converter.

What can Mac M4P Converter do for us?

  • Remove iTunes DRM Skillfully
  • Mac M4P Converter puts virtual CD burning technology into use to remove iTunes DRM tactfully. It simply acts like a virtual CD burner: burn DRM protected iTunes music to it and encode the songs on this virtual CD-RW drive to unprotected MP3, AAC simultaneously. In this way, we can easily convert M4A to MP3, M4B to MP3, M4P to MP3, WAV to MP3 and the like.

  • Convert iTunes to MP3, AAC easily and quickly
  • Mac M4P Converter is really easy to use due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It works with iTunes, and what you need to do is just click your mouse. The use of virtual CD burning technology ensures its fantastic converting speed and marvelous output quality.

  • Edit ID tags breezily

    Mac M4P Converter is quite thoughtful indeed for it makes it possible for you to edit ID tags as you like. After the conversion is finished, you can edit title, artist, album, album artist, grouping, composer, comment and the like for better recognition and classification.

How to convert iTunes to MP3 with Mac M4P Converter?

Generally speaking, there are two steps all together: creating a new list containing the music you want to convert and burning playlist to disc.

  • Step 1: Create a new list in iTunes and import all the audio files you want to convert to this new list.

    You can open iTunes, click "File -> New Playlist" or click "+" to create a new playlist, and you can also rename it as Burn List.

    Right click the iTunes files you want to convert, choose "Add to Playlist -> Burn List", and then all those chosen files will be added to this list.

    a new playlist in iTunes

  • Step 2: Burn playlist to disc.
  • You can right click Burn List, choose "Burn Playlist to Disc" operation, and a Burn Settings window will pop up. You should set Disc Format as Audio CD, click "Burn" button and Mac M4P Converter starts to convert iTunes audio files to MP3 automatically.

    work with iTunes, combine burning, ripping and encoding all in one

Well, the discussion of iTunes to MP3 conversion is to draw to a close here, and we hope it can actually help you solve problems in daily life. Have a nice day!