Liberate iTunes Music with Mac M4P Converter

M4P, M4A, M4B and so on are DRM protected audio file formats which can be played in iTunes with limited number of computers and designated audio devices, and we cannot play them on our Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, Sony Walkman, Blackberry, Mobile Phone, PSP and so on and so forth. So how should we do?

Well, it is time to liberate iTunes music from annoying DRM protection, and Mac M4P Converter will surely do you a big favor. This amazing iTunes converter can help you easily convert iTunes to MP3 and convert iTunes to AAC with ID tags preserved.

simple workflow

  • Steer clear of DRM legally and skillfully
  • The use of virtual CD burning technology combines burning, ripping and encoding all in one, and we just remove DRM protection in a peaceful way.

  • Amazing conversion speed and incredible output quality
  • The whole conversion process will not take much time depending on the length of the audio file. Have a cup of coffee and you can get output MP3, AAC with CD quality.

  • Flexible ID tags edition

    You can edit ID tags of the converted iTunes music files with freedom.

iTunes to MP3 Converter

Most of the protected and unprotected audio files can be played in iTunes, while MP3 is our favorite music format, for it is almost supported by all portable audio players. So we want to convert iTunes music to MP3 to enjoy them more freely.

As to unprotected music files, we can simply use iTunes itself to create MP3 version. However, as to protected music, we have to think out an effective way to get rid of it legally.

Mac M4P Converter is an amazing iTunes to MP3 Converter with acceptable price. It acts like a virtual CD burner, which first burns the DRM protected music to a virtual CD-RW, and then encodes the music on it to unprotected MP3 format. During this process, all you need to do is just clicking "Burn Playlist to Disc" button after finishing all pre-settings.

combine burning, ripping and encoding all toghther

iTunes to AAC Converter

AAC is another popular music format, and iTunes can create AAC version for unprotected music files, but for protected ones, Mac M4P Converter can lend you a hand.

Mac M4P Converter works with iTunes, and we should first create a burn list in iTunes which contains all the music files we want to convert and then burn Playlist to a virtual CD-RW to convert them to unprotected AAC files.

Compared with iTunes, Mac M4P Converter makes it easier for us to edit ID tags, for we can just click the corresponding button on the main interface to perform the operation.

easily edit ID tags of the output audio files

In fact, Mac M4P Converter can not only convert protected iTunes music, but also convert unprotected iTunes music. After the conversion is done, you can enjoy you music more freely when you ride a bike, walk a dog, and do exercise. It is your music, and you call!