Easily Convert iTunes to MP3

"I've purchased a bunch of music from iTunes and have enjoyed listening to them on my computer. But my portable music player is not an Apple iPod, so I can't take my songs with me. Is there any way I can get around this unfair restriction and convert my iTunes tracks to good old MP3?"

Most of the files purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected, which means you can only play them on specific devices and computers instead of any random computer or portable media player. To avoid this problem, you need to convert the media files into a more common digital audio encoding format known as MP3.

Great! You just come to the right place, for Mac M4P Converter is a powerful iTunes to MP3 Converter which can help you convert protected and unprotected iTunes audio files to MP3, AAC or WAVE easily and quickly.

How to convert iTunes to MP3 with Mac M4P Converter

Mac M4P Converter is quite easy to use due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. There is a quick-start guide when you run the program, which is very brief, and below we will show you detailed steps.

convert iTunes music to MP3 on Mac OS X

Step 1: Download the free trial version of Mac M4P Converter, install it on your Mac and then run it.

There will be a Restart iTunes window pop up, and you can just click "Restart" button. As to Guide and blank CD popup, you can choose any operation as you like.

Step 2: Create a new list in iTunes and import all the audio files you want to convert to this new list.

You can open iTunes, click "File -> New Playlist" or click "+" to create a new Playlist, and you can also rename it as Burn List.

Right click the iTunes files you want to convert, choose "Add to Playlist -> Burn List", and then all those chosen files will be added to this list.

Step 3: Burn playlist to disc.

You can right click Burn List, choose "Burn Playlist to Disc" operation, and a Burn Settings window will pop up. You should set Disc Format as Audio CD, click "Burn" button and Mac M4P Converter starts to convert iTunes audio files to MP3 automatically. During the process, it combines burning and ripping, which means it burns the iTunes audio files to a virtual CD burner and then converts the files on this virtual burner to unprotected MP3.

Step 4: Play, Reveal and Edit Tags.

After the burning is finished, you can play the MP3 files by clicking "Play" button, view the output files by clicking "Reveal" button and edit ID tags (title, artist, album, album artist, grouping, composer, genre, comments .etc) by clicking "Edit Tag" button.

To sum up, Mac M4P Converter is an amazing iTunes converter. It uses virtual CD burning technology to help you remove DRM legally and convert iTunes to MP3 at fantastic speed and with marvelous quality. Have a free try right now!