The Easiest Way to Convert iTunes to AAC

People cannot play the songs they have bought and downloaded for their iPods outside the iTunes environment, because the songs are in DRM protected AAC or MP4 format to prevent piracy or song duplication. However, there is a way to convert iTunes to AAC, and the process depends on the fact whether the files are DRM protected or not.

Convert Non-Protected iTunes to AAC

You can use iTunes to convert the media files to AAC format. To do so, you need to:

Step 1: Launch iTunes.

You can double click the iTunes desktop icon or launch it from the Start menu programs.

Step 2: Set import settings.

You can select Edit -> Preferences -> General, press Import Settings, change the Import Using to AAC Encoder, and then save these settings.

Step 3: Convert iTunes to AAC.

Now, you can go to iTunes Library, right-click a music track and choose the option which reads Convert Selection to MP3. If the track is not protected, you'll be able to convert it to AAC format. However, if the track is a protected one, iTunes will pop up a window telling you that the protected track cannot be converted to other formats.

Convert Protected iTunes to AAC - Mac M4P Converter

Since protected files can not be converted with iTunes itself, we have to think out a way to fix this problem. Well, Mac M4P Converter, which is a great iTunes Converter, AAC Converter can certainly help you convert protected iTunes to AAC to remove DRM protection.

Virtual CD burner

Mac M4P Converter uses virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning and ripping process. It first burns protected audio files to a virtual CD-RW disc on iTunes, and then automatically rip/encode the music files stored on the virtual CD-RW. This makes the whole process automatic, fast and with CD quality.

remove DRM legally

Batch convert and edit tags

This amazing iTunes Converter can batch convert any audio files which can be played in iTunes including protected and unprotected, and keep all ID tags intact. Besides, after the conversion is done, you can play the AAC files within the program, reveal the output files and edit tags as you like by clicking the corresponding button.

edit ID tags

Free version and uninstaller

As a marvelous AAC Converter, Mac M4P Converter acts like a virtual CD burner, and you can just download the free version to have a try. There is an uninstaller to help you uninstall the program easily and quickly, and there is no additional hardware needed. Have a free try right now!